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July 17, 2014

Anthony Eden


Interview with Anthony Eden, Founder of DNSimple. Anthony is @aeden on Twitter and writes on his blog, All Things v9.

In this episode, Anthony talks about how before working on DNSimple, he was working on a different startup. After stopping work on this startup, Anthony mentioned that he always knew a lot about domains and DNS servers and was interested in doing something in that space. Eventually, Anthony started talking with his Twitter followers asking them if they'd be interested in a DNS service provided by him. So, the first customers for DNSimple were friends and followers of his on Twitter who committed to being the first people to try and pay for the product. At first, DNSimple only provided hosted DNS services. Anthony looked at the competitors in the market and noticed how there were only DNS providers for enterprise customers and only DNS providers that people could use for free after registering domains with services like Godaddy or NameCheap. But, there weren't any companies providing self-serve SaaS DNS services, so Anthony recognized that there was an opportunity. At first, Anthony charged a small $3 per month in order for people to use DNSimple, and that's how he got the first customers for his business. Anthony also discusses how charging a low price for your product tends to give you more customers, but those customers almost always require more work to support. Plus, Anthony talks about how marketing a product at conferences can be very profitable and worthwhile.

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