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June 30, 2014

Brennan Dunn


Interview with Brennan Dunn, Founder of Planscope.io. Brennan is @brennandunn on Twitter and is the person behind Freelancer's Weekly, a weekly newsletter with actionable advice to help freelancers and consultants grow their businesses. Brennan is also the creator of the Double Your Freelancing Rate course and the author of The Blueprint. You can learn more about Brennan and his different products at brennandunn.com.

In this episode, Brennan talks about how he built a launch list for Planscope before he even wrote the first line of code for it. Brennan created a long-form landing page to collect the emails of people who were interested in hearing more about Planscope. While working on Planscope, Brennan communicated regularly with the people on his list and spoke about different problems related to freelancing and different strategies freelancers could use to make more money. To help drive leads and traffic to Planscope's email list, Brennan wrote regularly on a blog that was directly associated with the list. Often times Brennan would look for comment threads on forums about people talking about problems related to freelancing. Then Brennan would go write posts that solved these people's problems, and replied to people's problems in forums by pointing them to the posts. Then, to get email subscribers, Brennan had a call-to-action at the end of each post encouraging people to sign up for Planscope's list.

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