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July 7, 2014

Colin Nederkoorn


Interview with Colin Nederkoorn, Co-Founder and CEO of Customer.io. Colin is @alphacolin on Twitter and blogs at iamnotaprogrammer.com.

In this episode, Colin talks about how he and his co-founder got the idea for Customer.io by reaching out to anyone who was asking or talking about retention emails and retaining their customers. Colin and his co-founder also put up a splash page so that anyone who was interested in learning more about the product could hear about it. Any time someone would sign up on the splash page, Colin and his co-founder would reach out to that person directly to better understand their problems and pains and to then try to get that person to commit to paying $10 per month for Customer.io. One other very important point Colin brings up is that you should reach out to people and build relationships with them when you have nothing to sell. Even if the people you build relationships with don't end up eventually buying your product, there's still lots of value to building these relationships, which is something Colin talks about.

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