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June 23, 2014

Dan Martell


Interview with Dan Martell, Founder and CEO of Clarity.fm. Dan is @danmartell on Twitter and you can schedule a call with Dan on Clarity.fm here.

In this episode, Dan talks about how he got the first customers for Clarity by Tweeting to his followers if they would be interested in having conversations with expert marketers like Neil Patel about SEO or Lewis Howes about affiliate marketing. Then, those people who were interested would email Dan, he would tell them the price, and they would pay and set up a call. By doing this, Dan got the first customers for Clarity on the day he announced it to the world. After this announcement, Dan manually got more customers for Clarity and set up calls for them over the next few weeks. Over time, Dan created a product for Clarity, which made setting calls up with experts for customers much easier.

Note: This interview with Dan is over the telephone instead of being on Skype, which means the audio quality is a bit lower than it normally is. There's still tons of great content, and we would really recommend giving it a listen. We're sorry for the lower audio quality!

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