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September 25, 2014

Dan Shipper


Interview with Dan Shipper, Co-Founder of Firefly, which was recently acquired by Pegasystems. Dan is @danshipper on Twitter and writes regularly on his blog at danshipper.com about entrepreneurship and business. In this episode, Dan talks about how in the early days of Firefly Dan and his co-founder hypothesized that companies would benefit from integrating Firefly into their support workflows so they could provide better support. Dan and his co-founder also hypothesized that companies who were already using chat technologies on their websites would likely want, need, and benefit from Firefly too. So, Dan and his co-founder bought a list of companies that use live chat from builtwith.com, and then started cold-emailing and cold-calling all of these companies. What Dan and his co-founder found was not all live chat users had a need for Firefly's co-browsing technologies, but many live chat users in particular sectors really liked Firefly. During sales conversations, Dan and his co-founder talked as little about the Firefly product as possible. Instead, Dan and his co-founder listened intently and tried to figure out different companies' support needs and how Firefly could help with those needs and fit into companies' support processes. These conversations took place over the course of a summer, and then at the end of that summer Dan and his co-founder had already gotten a few customers for Firefly. The other crucial thing they learned was that not only were users of chat companies going to be great customers for Firefly, but the chat companies themselves would make great Firefly customers. To learn much more from Dan about how to get your business's first customers, give this episode a listen.

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