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September 15, 2014

Danny Wen

Harvest Time Tracking

Interview with Danny Wen, Co-Founder of Harvest Time Tracking. Danny is @dannywen on Twitter and you can learn more about Danny on his personal website, dannywen.com. In this episode, Danny talks about how before creating Harvest, he and his co-founder were working on a digital agency. While working on the digital agency, Danny and his co-founder were using Microsoft Excel for time tracking, which was very difficult for them to use. So, Danny and his co-founder decided to build Harvest and launched it in 2006. Before starting Harvest, Danny and his co-founder surveyed the market and found that there were no other cloud-based time tracking solutions on the market yet. When getting the first customers for Harvest, Danny and his co-founder asked friends who also owned digital agencies and consulting firms to purchase the product and start using it. Because Harvest was bootstrapped, Danny and his co-founder charged people to use the product from its beginning. Even with charging people to use Harvest from the start, it took about a year before Harvest was generating enough money so Danny and his team could focus on it 100%. Besides these great stories, Danny also shares a bunch of other tips to help you find your first customers based on his experiences with Harvest.

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