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July 14, 2014

Elizabeth Yin


Interview with Elizabeth Yin, Co-Founder and CEO of LaunchBit. Elizabeth is @elizyin on Twitter and writes on her blog, Startup Adventures Abound!. You can learn more about Elizabeth by visiting her personal site at elizabethyin.com.

In this episode, Elizabeth talks about how she and her co-founder joined the 500 Startups Accelerator Program even though they didn't initially have an idea, but they had bootstrapped different side projects and generated revenue from them. Though Elizabeth and her co-founder didn't have an idea at the start of 500 Startups Accelerator, they knew that they wanted to help marketers with customer acquisition. Elizabeth and her co-founder started out by cold-emailing other startups and asking to speak with them. They also received introductions to other teams and companies in the 500 Startups network, but most of their early work in creating LaunchBit came from them cold emailing other companies. To come up with the idea for LaunchBit, Elizabeth and her co-founder started having discussions with marketers about what channels they used for customer acquisition. They learned that a handful of companies were using paid ads in email newsletters to generate leads and acquire customers, but that this was a difficult and time-consuming process for these companies because they had to partner with newsletters one at a time. Recognizing the pain that these marketers faced and the value of ads in email newsletters, Elizabeth and her co-founder created LaunchBit and started to acquire the first customers for it.

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