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August 26, 2014

Gabriel Weinberg


Interview with Gabriel Weinberg, Founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo. Gabriel is @yegg on Twitter, writes on his blog, and is a co-author of Traction, which is a book that teaches you how to efficiently and effectively grow your startup or business using the traction framework invented by Gabriel and his co-author Justin Mares and the 19 tractions channels that are laid out in great detail in the book. In this episode, Gabriel talks about how he launched DuckDuckGo on Hacker News and used feedback from users and customers to improve DuckDuckGo over time. Gabriel says that in DuckDuckGo's early days he created a huge list of reasons why other people weren't joining DuckDuckGo, and spent two years going through and resolving all of those reasons for not using DuckDuckGo so the product could improve. After a while, Gabriel noticed how people on Reddit started expressing interest in a search engine with better privacy. With some research, Gabriel learned that a person's search data is his or her most personal data on the Internet, and so Gabriel decided to shape DuckDuckGo around being a very secure and privacy-conscious search engine that doesn't track user data. Gabriel also goes into detail about a number of the 19 traction channels that are covered in Traction, and talks about the Bullseye Traction Framework that he and his co-founder created to help identify which traction channel will help you the most at any time. To get traction for DuckDuckGo, Gabriel talks about how he's used many different strategies over the years such as: SEO, community-building, content marketing, mainstream press, and business development.

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