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May 15, 2014

Garrett Dimon


Interview with Garrett Dimon, Co-founder of Sifter. Garrett is @garrettdimon on Twitter and is the author of Starting and Sustaining, which is a book and spreadsheet to help you launch and maintain a SaaS web application. Jason also writes at GarrettDimon.com.

In this episode, Garrett talks about how when he launched the beta for Sifter, he charged $5 a month so he could only find serious customers. Before launching Sifter, Garrett built up an email list of about 1,000 people by blogging about bug tracking and other development-related topics. Garrett says he got 80% of his first customers from this list, and the other 20% of his first customers came from advertising. For building an email list, Garrett believes you should focus on finding "like-minded" people with your writing and content instead of building an audience.

Learn how to find your first customers