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June 5, 2014

James Deer


Interview with James Deer, Co-founder and Product Director of GatherContent. James is @jamesdeer on Twitter.

In this episode, James talks about how before launching GatherContent James and his team built up an email list using a landing page. Initially, James asked friends who were consultants to try out GatherContent's beta. Next, after a bit of time passed, James opened up the beta to everyone on the landing page's email list. The beta for GatherContent was free, but when it officially launched all of the beta users were required to start paying. Because lots of people were so engaged with GatherContent, when it launched, it had more than 100 paying customers right away. James says that the pricing for GatherContent was too low at first, and that after 3 or 4 months he and his team doubled the prices for it. Doubling GatherContent's prices actually led to an increase in the growth rate of new customers signing up. Lastly, James talks about how lots of startups invent pains to solve, but don't solve real pains.

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