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July 28, 2014

John Sheehan


Interview with John Sheehan, Co-Founder and CEO of Runscope. John is @johnsheehan on Twitter, is the creator of RestSharp, API Digest, and API Jobs, and is the co-host of the API and cloud podcast, Traffic and Weather.

In this episode, John talks about how a lot of the initial attention and community that he and his co-founder built came from their existing networks from when they were involved at Twilio and from when John was involved at IFTTT, and from having done lots of open source work related to APIs as well. Before getting the first customers for Runscope, John and his co-founder ran a private beta for Runscope where they did not charge people to get access to the beta. The main goal of the beta was to learn more about potential customers and what tools they really needed. Though beta testers didn't have to pay while Runscope was in beta, after Runscope launched John and his co-founder had pricing plans nearly from the beginning as they wanted to set the tone that Runscope was going to be a product that people had to pay for. John also talks about how tool-based marketing has helped drive most of Runscope's customers, and how Runscope has used this form of marketing effectively.

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