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May 28, 2014

Kelly Sutton


Interview with Kelly Sutton, Co-founder and CTO of LayerVault. Kelly is @KellySutton on Twitter and writes on his blog kellysutton.tumblr.com.

In this episode, Kelly talks about how he and his co-founder built the first version of LayerVault because they personally needed a version control tool for design files, but one didn't exist. Before launching LayerVault, Kelly and his co-founder built up an email list of people who were interested in LayerVault. Prior to launching LayerVault to everyone on their email list, Kelly and his co-founder segmented the launch by picking out the people they most wanted to use the product first such as their friends and people in the industry they really respected. Even though LayerVault raised funding after bootstrapping for a year, Kelly says that he and his team still try to have the bootstrapping mindset when running LayerVault.

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