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June 12, 2014

Liam Gooding


Interview with Liam Gooding, Co-founder and CEO of Trak.io. Liam is @liamgooding on Twitter and writes regularly on Trak's blog. Liam is also the author of Growth Pirate: How to Use Pirate Metrics to Unlock Growth in Your Startup.

In this episode, Liam talks about initially he and his co-founders decided to give Trak away for free and raised angel funding. After 2 or 3 months of giving Trak away for free, Liam and his co-founders realized that they were building a product for users and not for customers. Liam discusses in the episode how he wished he required people to be paying customers for Trak from day one instead of letting people be free users. The wait list for Trak while it was in beta was huge, so the Trak team began charging people $29 to jump the wait list and start using Trak right away. When Liam and his co-founders started charging for Trak, only one or two people were annoyed about the switch. Liam has a great saying about why getting people to pay for your product is so important, which is, "Paying customers have feature requests for valuable features, while free users only have feature requests for cool features." A successful product has to have valuable features, and what Liam has learned is that paying customers are the only people who give suggestions for valuable features.

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