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July 20, 2014

Lukas Biewald


Interview with Lukas Biewald, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdFlower. Lukas is @l2k on Twitter and writes on his blog at LukasBiewald.com.

In this episode, Lukas talks about how he thought he didn't have a lot of connections for finding customers because he was an engineer. But, when he started to ask people about the CrowdFlower and its idea more often, they started introducing him to people who they thought would be interested and get value from the service. Lukas mentions how CrowdFlower's first customer was initially a startup with only 3 people, and now that startup, Scribd, has grown into a much bigger company. Something Lukas has noticed is that most people don't think they have a network that they can for help from, but actually people are very helpful when you ask them sincerely for help. CrowdFlower was bootstrapped for the first year. Lukas wishes CrowdFlower had gotten funding from the start, but he also talks about how it was good to reach and focus on profitability from the start. One other tactic Lukas brings up for getting your first customers is having an authentic social media presence and a valuable and authentic blog. Though customers didn't come in a big influx from this blog and authentic social media presence, Lukas says that the customers that did sign up from this channel were some of the best customers.

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