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September 13, 2014

Melody McCloskey


Interview with Melody McCloskey, Co-Founder and CEO of StyleSeat. Melody is @MelodyMcC on Twitter. In this episode, Melody talks about how before she and her co-founder even had a product, their number one goal was to create a product that would be useful and valuable for their ideal customers, which are salon owners and stylists. To learn more about stylists and salon owners and what the challenges in their businesses are, Melody and her co-founder held events where they could have conversations with them. The other goal of these events was to show the early customers of StyleSeat that she and her co-founder were very passionate about the industry, so these early customers would become vocal, early evangelists of the product. Also, Melody talks about how about 90% of StyleSeat's new customers join the product via word-of-mouth referrals because stylists refer things to other stylists. To encourage word-of-mouth referrals, Melody and the StyleSeat team has focused on working with their customers and providing excellent support and service to their customers so they know that the StyleSeat team cares. One example of why word-of-mouth referrals are such a big distribution source for StyleSeat is that the average stylist increases his or her revenues by 70% in the first year of using StyleSeat. Melody stresses the importance of product distribution and how most startups fail because they can't properly market and distribute their products.

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