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October 1, 2014

Nathan Kontny


Interview with Nathan Kontny, Founder of Draft and CEO of Highrise (please note: this episode was recorded before the announcement about Nate becoming CEO of Highrise was made, so there are no questions about his new role). Nate is @natekontny on Twitter and writes on his blog at ninjasandrobots.com. In this episode, Nate talks about how prior to starting Draft, he was a co-founder of two different companies that went through Y Combinator. The first company, Inkling Markets, was pretty successful, but after a while Nate moved on to start another company called CityPosh, which wasn't successful. After his experiences with CityPosh, Nate decided to take a break from entrepreneurship and work for the Obama campaign. Throughout this time, Nate had been blogging and writing consistently on his blog, Ninja and Robots. With his blogging, Nate built up an audience before starting to work on Draft. Nate says that you should build an audience by teaching people before you ever start working on a business. When he started working on Draft and when he launched it, Nate had a large group of people who were very interested in it thanks to his efforts in building an audience. When thinking about how to structure Draft's business model, Nate talks about how the development tool Sublime Text had a heavily influenced him. To hear about all of these interesting experiences Nate has had and to learn much more, give this episode a listen.

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