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June 16, 2014

Patrick McKenzie

Appointment Reminder

Interview with Patrick McKenzie, Founder of Appointment Reminder and Bingo Card Creator. Patrick is patio11 on Twitter and writes regularly on his blog, Kalzumeus Software. Patrick is also the author of a book called Sell More Software and also creates software training material and products that you can learn about here.

In this episode, Patrick talks about how he made a very basic mockup of Appointment Reminder when determining if it was something he should work on. One time when visiting Chicago, Patrick went and visited salons and other stores that require people to have appointments, and asked the owners at these places if he could talk with them for 30 minutes about the industry they were. When asking to have these conversations, Patrick also offered to pay people for their time based on the rate they usually charged. Almost everyone Patrick talked to was open to having a conversation with him, and only one of the 15 or so people he spoke with asked him to pay. After having conversations with these people and showing them his very basic demo for Appointment Reminder, Patrick learned that there was a big need for it and that he should go forward with building it.

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