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May 26, 2014

Rob Walling


Interview with Rob Walling, Founder of Drip. Rob is @robwalling on Twitter, and Rob also writes about entrepreneurship and bootstrapping on his blog, Software by Rob. Besides running Drip, Rob also co-hosts the podcast, Startups For the Rest of Us, and Rob is also the owner of the software products HitTail and DotNetInvoice.

In this episode, Rob talks about a strategy for marketing called Concentric-Circle Marketing. When finding the initial customers for Drip, the first people Rob contacted to validate his idea and sell it to were people he knew and were in his personal network. Initially, Rob brought customers onto Drip one at a time so he could get their feedback and make improvements to the product before letting anyone else sign up. Eventually, Rob segmented the larger launch of Drip so he could continue to get more feedback and only market to people on his launch list that he was confident would sign up. When discussing how he segmented Drip's launch, Rob recommended that you check out Episode 139 of his podcast to learn more.

Learn how to find your first customers