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June 9, 2014

Ryan Carson


Interview with Ryan Carson, Co-founder and CEO of Treehouse. Ryan is @ryancarson and blogs regularly on his blog, The Naive Optimist.

In this episode, Ryan talks about he used the cash-flow from his previous business to build Treehouse. Next, Ryan discusses how right when Treehouse launched, it had $3,000 in revenue on day one. Initially, Ryan got Treehouse to profitability with only 3 people, after which he decided to raise an angel round of funding. Ryan also talks about how a big part of Treehouse's early marketing strategy was content marketing and using CPC and display ads. Treehouse didn't collect email addresses and use email marketing as a part of its early content marketing strategy, but Ryan says he and his team should have. At first, Ryan and his team didn't have very good success with online ads and decided to stop using them, but eventually they found a way to profitably use online ads.

Note: This interview with Ryan is over the telephone instead of being on Skype, which means the audio quality is a bit lower than it normally is. There's still tons of great content, and we would really recommend giving it a listen. We're sorry for the lower audio quality!

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