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July 3, 2014

Scott Watermasysk


Interview with Scott Watermasysk, Co-Founder of KickoffLabs. Scott is @scottw on Twitter and also writes regularly on his blog at scottw.com. Scott is also the creator and curator of BootStrapped Weekly, a once a week newsletter highlighting the most interesting news, tips, and tricks from the bootstrapping community.

In this episode, Scott talks about how he and his co-founder engaged with as many people on Twitter and the web as possible like Quora that were expressing an interest in or need for lead collection software like KickoffLabs. For example, at the time that KickoffLabs was just starting out, there was a competitor to KickoffLabs that was forcing people to wait before using the service and was requiring that they Tweet about the service on Twitter in order to get on the service faster. Scott and his co-founder went to these people and let them know about KickoffLabs and how they could start using it right away, which is something that resonated with them. Scott also discusses how it is much easier to decide to implement the feature requests of paying customers than it is to implement the feature requests of people who are not yet paying. Lastly, Scott talks about the importance of customer service and some of the things he and his co-founder do to provide excellent customer service.

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