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July 10, 2014

Todd Garland


Interview with Todd Garland, Founder and CEO of BuySellAds. Todd is @toddo on Twitter and writes on his blog at toddgarland.com.

In this episode, Todd talks about how he got the first ad inventory for BuySellAds by reaching out to people he knew that owned websites that were selling ad space on their sites. Todd then went and looked for the existing advertisers that the sites in BuySellAds' inventory had and also searched for similar advertisers. To get people to buy ads from the initial inventory he built up, Todd acted as a sales guy for the sites in his inventory by encouraging the advertisers he found to buy ads on their sites through BuySellAds. To get the first customers for BuySellAds, Todd did lots of manual work and did things that didn't scale.

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